Memorial School - Pre-K through Third Grade:

  • The Memorial School instructional day will begin at 8:40 A.M. 

  • When students arrive, parents may park or drop-off in the drop-off zone located on Chestnut Street or walk around the staff parking lot from Haines Street.

  • Pre-Kindergarten through third grade students will enter the building between 8:35-8:40 A.M and proceed to their classrooms where they will begin unpacking and preparing for the school day. 

  • Students will be considered late to school at 8:45 A.M. 

  • Students shall not arrive before 8:35 A.M.  Families requiring supervision or care for their child before 8:35 A.M may take advantage of the River Vale Foundation Morning Care Program, which will begin care at 7:15 A.M in the Memorial All-Purpose Room. 

  • For your child’s safety and security, the teachers will not release the child to anyone except the parent or someone duly designated (in writing) by the parent. 

  • Through the Genesis Parent Portal, Memorial parents will be required to complete a dismissal form.  This form will indicate the mode by which each parent wishes their child to be dismissed on a regular basis.  Students will be dismissed according to this form unless otherwise indicated in writing by the parent.   If a parent is delayed at dismissal time, the teacher will escort the child to the office.  Please notify the school office if you will be delayed. 

  • Children needing early dismissal must be picked up in the main office.   We require a note to the teacher regarding a change in dismissal plans for the day or in case you have to pick your child up early.  Please do not email changes in dismissal.  Emailing the teacher directly does not allow for confirmation in a change in dismissal. 


The safety and security of our students has been and always will be a top priority at our schools. We urge all caregivers to exercise caution when operating vehicles near and around our schools. With everyone working to follow the procedures in place at both elementary schools we can ensure the safety of our students. 

  • All cars should drive slowly and attentively near our schools. Pedestrians should ALWAYS be given the right of way regardless of the presence of a crossing guard. 

  • Only district authorized vehicles may enter the Villano School and Memorial School parking lots during arrival and dismissal times. 

  • Parking in the designated drop-off zone during arrival or dismissal is NOT permitted.  This area is reserved for parents to ‘drop and go.’ Waiting in the drop-off zone, exiting your vehicle to help students out of the car, or leaving your car there to walk your child to another location disrupts the flow of traffic, and creates an unsafe situation.  

  • All cars should go to the farthest point of the drop-off zones so that additional cars can enter and exit the zone safely. 

  • Seating school-aged children on the rear passenger side of the vehicle enables them to exit the car safely to the sidewalk. Please avoid having students exit the vehicle from the driver’s side.

Thank you,
Kristin Gagliano
Principal, Memorial School
1 Haines Street
Emerson, NJ 07630